Thursday, August 17, 2017


Post-Eclipse Mini-Symposium
on Mathematical Physics

to be held on

Wednesday, 23 August 2017
Mathematics Department, SIU at Carbondale
Neckers building, Room 356

This is an impromptu event and our invitation is extended to all interested in active participating in this event, including the mathematicians and physicists post-elliptically strayed in Carbondale.

The topic is open but preference is given to new ideas presented in a way interesting to non-experts.  Although the inceptive theme is widely understood mathematical physics, all areas of mathematics are welcome.  Informal stimulating conversation and exchange of ideas form the intended character of this meeting.

Interested speakers are asked to contact Jerzy Kocik at jkocik(at) with a title, a short abstract (optional) and suggested length of the talk (20 min and up).

The exact schedule of talks will be provided at the later time.

Graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend.

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Special guest   (For the list of speakers check the tab "Talks" at the top)

Louis Kaufman, University of Illinois at Chicago
Non-Commutativity and Discrete Physics
Abstract: We will show how derivations based on commutators correspond to an extension of discrete calculus and apply these results to the foundations of gauge theory and to a new way to
work with general relativity.