[in alphabetical order]

Eric Chitambar, SIU 
Quantum Nonlocality, Popescu-Rohrlich (PR) Boxes, and Non-signaling Correlations
Abstract: In this talk I will provide a rapid overview of quantum nonlocality as understood from the perspective of quantum information science. The talk will describe the differences between correlations established among spatially separated parties who share (a) local randomness, (b) quantum entanglement, (c) PR boxes, and (d) Non-signaling boxes.  With whatever time remains, I will discuss a recent project with undergraduate students Allie Spaulding and Sam Berger on simulating quantum correlations using PR boxes.

Louis Kaufman, University of Illinois at Chicago
Non-Commutativity and Discrete Physics
Abstract: We will show how derivations based on commutators correspond to an extension of discrete calculus and apply these results to the foundations of gauge theory and to a new way to
work with general relativity. 

Jerzy Kocik, SIU
Coronas in the Apollonian gaskets and the Epstein Zeta functions  
Abstract:  Apollonian arrangement of disks can be viewed as a Platonic solid in 4D space-time. Its inhent spin structure leads to an interesting appearance of (generalized) Epstein Zeta functions.

Peer Rowlands, University of Liverpool
A Hierarchy of Symmetries

Mohammad Sayeh, SIU
Non-causality and Proteresis

K. V. Shajesh, SIU
Vacuum energy of Sierpinski triangle
Abstract: Using scaling arguments and the property of self-similarity the Casimir energies of Sierpinski triangles and Sierpinski rectangles will be introduced. The Hausdorff-Besicovitch dimension (fractal dimension) of the Casimir energy will be introduced and the Berry-Weyl conjecture discussed for these geometries.

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