(For the abstracts, see "Talks")

All talks in Neckers 356

9 AM:  Mohammad Sayeh, SIU
Non-causality and Proteresis

10 AM:  K. V. Shajesh, SIU
Vacuum energy of Sierpinski triangle

11 AM;  Louis Kaufman, University of Illinois at Chicago
Non-Commutativity and Discrete Physics

12 PM:  Jerzy Kocik, SIU
Crowns around disks in Apollonian gaskets and Epstein functions

1 - 2 PM BREAK

Pizza arrives before 1PM

3 PM;  Eric Chitambar, SIU
Quantum Nonlocality, Popescu-Rohrlich (PR) Boxes, and Non-signaling Correlations

4 PM:  Peter Rowlands, University of Liverpool
A Hierarchy of Symmetries

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